More than a hundred listed monuments and a strict structure of perfectly straight lanes, waterways and junction canals give Veenhuizen its character. Wandering through the village past the old electrical power plant, steam cotton mill, dairy factory and synagogue, the history of Veenhuizen comes to life all on its own. Only when you walk around here, do you really understand that the isolated Veenhuizen was once completely self-sufficient. The edifying inscriptions on the former official buildings contribute to the obstinate character of the village. Arbeid is Zegen (Labour is a Blessing), Kennis is Macht (Knowledge is Power)… the monuments tell the story of Veenhuizen.

The Van Gevel naar Gevel (From Façade to Façade) route is recommended if you want to know more about the monuments of Veenhuizen. The route booklet is available at the Tourist Info Point.