Privacy Declaration

The website of Stichting VCT (Veenhuizen Cultuur & Toerisme) provides you with information about touristic and recreational activities and businesses in Veenhuizen.

Stichting VCT ensures that the content of the website is updated regularly. The Stichting is not liable for errors or omissions in the content provided. The Stichting does not guarantee or warrant that the content provided is reliable or suitable for a certain purpose and accepts no liability for damages caused by the website, resulting from use of the website or in any other way related to the website or its use. The Stichting is also indemnified from claims in case of potential damages. The Stichting is not responsible for websites or files linked to external hyperlinks.

The Stichting reserves the right to change, add to or remove the content of the website at any desired moment and reserves the right to shut down the website in full without prior notice and without further arrangements. The Stichting is also not liable for the consequences (damages) resulting from ending publication of the website.

This Privacy Declaration can be amended. Changes will be made known on this page.

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