Churches in the Colony

Veenhuizen may have been nicknamed the Dutch Siberia, but when it came to religious education, people were not left wanting in the colony. Three beautiful monuments attest to this.

The Reformed church
The oldest is the eight-sided Reformed domed church, dating from 1826. It is a striking symmetrical monument inspired by the domed church of Smilde.The inside is just as remarkable as the outside; much of the interior is still authentic and there is a rare Hillebrand organ from 1820.

The Roman Catholic church
At the same time as the Reformed church, a Catholic church was built. However, this church was demolished at the end of the nineteenth century to make way for a larger church: the current Roman Catholic church, a neo-Gothic building from 1893. Immediately next to it there is a stately white three-storey building – the presbytery from 1908.

The synagogue
In 1839, a synagogue was built in Veenhuizen, because Jews too were sent to the colony, at least, until 1890. After that, the building was used for different purposes. That is probably why very little of the original interior has been preserved. However, from outside it is still a unique monument, with its ornamental rose window in the side façade.