Four Signposted Routes

Along the electrical power plant and the Houtjesplein, the constabulary barracks and the old dairy factory – four signposted walking routes take you right through Veenhuizen and the surrounding nature area. Two of the four routes can also be travelled by bicycle.

The routes show how diverse Veenhuizen is. The view varies constantly. Here you walk along stately white plastered monuments and square-shaped asylums and then along perfectly straight beech lanes through dense forests. A variety of architectural styles alternate with each other while the nature offers beautiful vistas.

The yellow, red, blue and white posts in Veenhuizen, have corresponding route booklets in the same colours full of interesting information about the places that you will pass. What was the ice dome for, how did the mysterious Spanish Churchyard get its name, and why were so many orphans housed in Veenhuizen in the 1920s?

The route booklets with maps are available at the Tourist Info Point at the Oude Gracht, and at other locations.

Depending on the weather and the seasons, some paths can be marshy. Sturdy shoes are recommended.