The Fochteloërveen

Veenhuizen immediately adjoins the vast Fochteloërveen, a rugged peat moor that, with its distant horizon, seems almost un-Dutch. Peat moorland is rare and vulnerable and the Fochteloërveen is one of the few untouched peat moor areas in the Netherlands. It is as large as the city of Utrecht – but much less hectic. There is a walking and cycling path through the middle of the sodden peat bog, where all three of our native snakes and rare moorland plants such as cotton grass feel at home. It is worth the effort to climb the lookout tower at the south side of the area. The view is breath-taking and with a bit of luck you’ll spot one of the elegant cranes that have been nesting here for several years.

From Veenhuizen, there is a 25 km route through the Fochteloërveen. The route is not signposted, but a booklet for it is available full of information about Veenhuizen and the peat moor.

Next to this nature route, there is a cultural historical route that runs from Veenhuizen to Fochteloo. There is also a booklet for this. It describes a 12 km walking route and a 32 km cycling route through the varied region.

Both booklets are available at the Tourist Info Point and can also be ordered through e-shopdrenthe.