Tuinen van Weldadigheid

De Tuinen van Weldadigheid (The Gardens of Humanitarianism) are located on the colonial Eikenlaan. This is where Lambert Sijens and Jolanda Loonstra grow special fruits and vegetables. Old, forgotten or little-known crops grow in the gardens, next to luxuriant bushes of herbs and colourful flowers.

The orchard has old strains of fruits and nuts and two labyrinths have also been planted – one of historical berry species and one of hornbeam – which shoot higher every year.

In the Gardens of Humanitarianism the focus is on sustainability, diversity and a small scale. Perhaps that is the reason that the gardens are full of activity while at the same time providing a pleasant place to rest.

In any case, this is a unique place, where you can enjoy walking around and have a guided tour if you wish.

Curious about the taste of the fruits and vegetables harvested? Across from the Prison Museum car park on the corner of the Haulerweg and the Oude Gracht, there is a stand where you can buy the seasonal products of the gardens. There is always something different in the harvest…