Bitter en Zoet Hotel

Hospitality was not to be expected in the past, when Veenhuizen, Drenthe, was a penal colony, but in this day and age the hotel and restaurant Bitter en Zoet is the place for a hospitable welcome. Here, they take the time for a chat and make sure you have everything you need, whether you come for a cup of coffee, have dinner in good company, or enjoy a comfortable stay in one of our beautiful hotel rooms.

The meals on our menu are prepared with care and dedication, with organic products from the Noorderland (North Holland).

Hotel restaurant Bitter en Zoet is the outstanding place to experience the peace and space of Drenthe. Whether you’re walking, cycling or relaxing in the sun on the patio.

The nature is always present with the forest bordering on the grounds of Bitter en Zoet.

And the special nature area Fochteloërveen is within cycling distance.

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