Excellent Destination

Veenhuizen was once a penal colony: not a place where you would go willingly. Now, it is an attraction with more than 100 listed monuments and has been named a European Destination of Excellence.

It lives up to this name, because Veenhuizen has a lot to offer. A variety of beautiful walking and cycling routes lead you past exceptional monuments, from a dairy factory to an electricity generation plant, without forgetting a great deal of nature.

Aside from all these attractions, the village offers a number of good places to eat as well as overnight accommodations, of course housed in monumental buildings. For instance, you can stay the night in the old vestry, in a historical custodian’s building or in the former chemist’s residence.

The architecture, the various walking and cycling routes, the adjacent nature with primeval forests, moorland and mound villages as well as the presence of museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes and historical accommodations make Veenhuizen an attractive destination for culture and nature lovers. An outstanding destination of excellence..