Maallust Brewery

Housed in an old grain mill, the Maallust brewery is the best place to enjoy and to slow down over our special beers, which are brewed with dedication.

A select group of 25 enthusiasts, calling themselves the Zware Jongens (Tough Guys), devoted themselves to starting a brewery in the historic mill in the Maallust complex. Here, high and low fermentation beers are brewed in the copper kettles, which exude history with their names and unique flavours.

Would you like to experience Maallust? Nowhere does the beer taste fresher than in the atmosphere of our tasting room, where you can go for tasting, tours, package deals and meetings. You can enjoy our special beers here: Maallust Blond, Weizen, Vienna, de Zware Jongen (tripel) or the seasonal beers Veldwachter Bock or 1818 (quadrupel). Imagine yourself in another world, a place that exudes such a rich past that you can still feel it. Taste the history!