De Tuinen van Weldadigheid

In de Tuinen van Weldadigheid (the Gardens of Humanitarianism), a great many special vegetables and potatoes as well as fruits, flowers and herbs are grown. This small-scale, multifunctional organic farm with production and visitors’ gardens is located in a beautiful spot at the edge of Veenhuizen.

You can see an extensive collection of historical and other special vegetables in the beautifully laid out visitors’ garden. What would you say about 60 species of potatoes, 50 species of beans and 80 species of berries? Have you ever heard of yacón, caigua, oca, persimmon or almond potato? But there’s more: a wealth of colour and form in the flower picking garden, the wonder of a labyrinth, a large pond full of life, an orchard with geese, herb gardens for the kitchen and healing, as well as vivid and decorative borders, lanes and hedges. A garden to excite even a child’s heart.